Thursday, July 30, 2009

TONS of Beading Magazines for Sale

I'm in the process of sorting through nine years worth of beading and jewelry making magazines that I'm planning on listing in my detash shop on Etsy I'm not really looking forward to scanning and listing all of these dozens upon dozens of titles, but they always sell so well for me on there that it's worth it in the long run. Though I'm a little sad to let my collection go, I'm looking forward to the empty space this purge will create that I can fill with more beading stuff!

I thought I'd give all my beading buddies a heads up in case there are any issues you are looking for to complete your own collections. I'll be happy to pull them out and create a "reserved" listing on Etsy for you. There may be a few random issues that I don't have or plan on keeping, but if there's anything you want let me know and I'll see if I have it. I generally list them for 1/2 the cover price plus shipping cost.

Here's what is going up for grabs this time around:
Beadstyle -- Sept 2003 premier issue to current
Bead and Button -- Oct 1999 issue to current
Beadwork -- Fall 1999 issue to current

I also have a bunch of older Lapidary Journals -- not sure of the dates (I think 1999-2001 or so) but I can check if anyone is interested.

Most issues are in near perfect condition. If anything you might want has any damage I'll let you know before you buy.

I'll take any requests on a first-come basis. Email me at "tilleyjewels(at)gmail(dot)com" (you know how it should be formatted) if you are interested. Please include your location with your request so I can calculate your shipping options.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Chopping Away at the To-Do List

I'm in the midst of a two week vacation from my "real" job and determined to get done some of those things that I haven't been able to find time to do recently. One of the top priorities on my to-do list was to finally get a blog set up. If you are reading this, then I must have succeeded!

I've also managed to mark setting up a Facebook Fan Page off the list:

My most involved, and most important, task I'm trying to tackle is my attempt to complete my wholesale website so that I can start showing it to stores. It's coming along, but I still need to figure out two more pages of coding and finish putting descriptions and prices on about half the listed pieces. I've been picking away at it bit by bit for several months now, but I'm afraid if I don't get it done while I'm off that I won't have time to really work on it until after the holiday season. When I get done, there will be a scream of joy heard round the world...