Tuesday, September 29, 2009

First Art Show of the Season

The first weekend of October is quickly coming, bringing the first Tilleyjewels' art/craft show of the fall season. When I first started out selling my work, we used to travel 2-3 weekends a month year-round to do shows. Thank goodness for discovering online selling! I now do only 3-4 shows a year, so I can continue to reach out to all of my wonderful local customers who have supported my jewelry making journey for so many years.

This Saturday, Oct. 3rd is the 6th annual Hexagon Barn Art Festival held on the property of a local doctor and his wife in Mt. Vernon, Illinois. It is a juried show of Southern Illinois artists which I am proud to have been involved with since the very first year. This will be the third year that my oldest daughter Audrey has also set up her booth of fantasy art at the show.

If you are in Southern Illinois I would highly recommend planning a trip on Saturday to this great event. Admission and parking are both free. You will be treated to music and a variety of talented artists. Food is available to purchase from a local church youth group who uses the money for mission trips. The uniquely painted Hexagon Barn is open for tours, along with the many other interesting items located on this property--antique cars and tractors, live animals, a stone cross and a restored train caboose just to mention a few.

This is a show that I really enjoy doing, which is evident in the fact that it's the only outdoor show that I still set up at. (Note the plastic windbreak in the photo of last year's booth!) Outdoor shows and I aren't the best match, but this one is worth the extra set up and preperation.

If you are interested in attending and need more details please feel free to contact me for times and directions.

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