Monday, September 7, 2009

Jewelry You Won't Find In My Online Shops (Part 2)

My oldest daughter Audrey loves anything fantasy themed--fairies, dragons, etc. I have a tendancy to procrastinate on the girls' birthday jewelry, usually sitting down to make it the night before I need, but Audrey's special birthday piece was planned out well in advance this year.

I'm a member of an online forum where a group of us came together because of a love of beads and jewelry making and have formed some wonderful friendships. One of the things that several of us participate in is a travelling bead box--when the box reaches you, you take out the items you want and replace them with other goodies. It's like a big Christmas surprise every time the box arrives. In my last experience with the bead box I encountered the most fabulous polymer clay dragon focal, made by one of my favorite bead artists. The instant I laid eyes on it I knew that would be the centerpiece of Audrey's 17th birthday gift.

The pendant was created by my dear friend Valerie of The dragon is hand drawn on polymer clay with pencil and ink and sealed with a protective gloss. The back side (which I forgot to get a picture of) is a multi-shade of grey design that resembles dragonscales. I created the piece as a two strand necklace using silver-plated chain and bright pink dyed "jade" faceted beads. It is truely a unique one of a kind piece for my one of a kind daughter.

I'm currently working on some other projects using some of Valerie's beads. She has made some incredibly detailed floral and spider beads that I am working with and hope to have listed in the shop soon.

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  1. Love what you did with the pendant! I just couldn't make it work for anything I put it in, although I loved making it. I'm glad that you could make it pop, and that Audrey can have a great b-day gift!