Monday, August 31, 2009

A Month of Milestones

August 2009 is a month that Tilleyjewels won't soon forget! Several milestones were reached this month which makes me very optimistic about the upcoming holiday season.

I've been selling online for 3 1/2 years now with a lot of various wishes/goals/milestones in mind. There was one milestone that I was beginning to wonder if I would ever reach--an online sale for every day of the month. Not necessarily one sale every day (though that will be a fun one to shoot for next), but 31 sales during a month with 31 days. Tilleyjewels finally saw that mark this month, with sale #31 on Friday with three days in the month left to go! Yippee!

Last night saw the purchase of the 600th item sold in the original Tilleyjewels Etsy shop! That lucky customer who purchased this necklace from my "Last Chance Sale" section will find a special treat in her package when it arrives.

I'm also ecstatic over this month's sales in the new Tilleyjewels bridal boutique! I never dreamed that shop would take off the way it has. Seperating out the wedding collection into it's own shop was the best business decision I think I've ever made.

I have such a great appreciation for everyone who has made reaching these milestones possible. This jewelry designer is really enjoying all the wonderful friends and customers in my life right now. Thank you!

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