Sunday, August 16, 2009

Introducing My Other Child...

I often get asked about this picture that I use when posting custom orders and "reserved" listings in my Etsy shops. This is Princess Katie at age 3 along with her constant companion Buddy Green. Having Buddy around is pretty much like having a fourth child, other than he doesn't eat real food.

The Christmas before Katie was born there was a package under the tree from my parents labelled "to Audrey and Emily's new sibling". Inside was a fresh and fluffy teal green Ty Beanie Buddy Bear. When Katie was born that April, the at that time nameless bear was waiting for her in the bassinet. Katie was a preemie and Buddy was bigger than her when she first came home. From the time she was big enough to start lugging him around, she never went anywhere without him. He has his own stocking at Christmas and gets his own costume at Halloween (last year Katie was Little Bo Peep and Buddy was her sheep).

Starting school is always a big time in any kid's life, but when Katie started kindergarten she realized that she was going to be away from Buddy all day long. In order to ease her mind, I announced that I had enrolled Buddy in "Beartere Elementary School". The bus would pick him up after she left for school in the mornings and bring him back in time to be home when she got home from school. I bought him a doll sized bookbag and mini pencils and notebooks. That first year I even went to the extreme of filling out his homework sheets and writing notes from his teachers.

Tomorrow is Katie's first day of 3rd grade. She announced earlier today that Buddy was ready to start back at Beartere tomorrow also. Her teacher this year is Mrs. Frisby. She said that Buddy's teacher's name is Mrs. Star. They both seem very excited to get started back to class. Katie misses her friends and Buddy has a girlfriend at school named Rose Julia Hotrose who he hasn't seen all summer!

You'll probably be reading a lot more about Buddy Green in the future. He's a big presence in our household.

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