Sunday, August 9, 2009

How I Spent My Summer Vacation

Did everyone hear a loud shriek of jubilation around 4am this morning? That was me after FINALLY decoding the elusive HTML code that has been plaguing me on the wholesale website for weeks. I can't believe that it's almost done--and just in time as my vacation sadly ends this weekend. That was my main "to do" for my vacation time and I came in just under the wire.

When I created my "policies" page for the website I used a very long, rather convoluded tutorial that resulted in a beautiful page that I could not repeat on my other pages no matter how hard I tried. Turns out that I was doing things the hard way--where that tutorial used dozens and dozens of lines of code, I found another much simpler way of creating the same basic effect for my other pages using only 5 or 6 lines. Gee whiz!

Not much left to do before I'll be able to launch--one more page that should be a cinch now that I know what to do and then a final edit for typos or missing product information. I'm starting out with only bridal pieces on the site, but plan to add the rest of my jewelry lines soon. This will make it SOOOO much easier to work with stores and hopefully take my wholesale experience to a whole new level!

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